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12:02-- Vendég_3311: Which box? Did you check out Matricom's Settop box? «link»
12:02-- Vendég_8770: Whats happening in this place?
12:02-- Vendég_2248: Yeah «link»
12:03-- Vendég_9933: the club music at «link» is pretty great
12:03-- Vendég_4588: lol
12:03-- Vendég_6239: You want a box? Did you check out Matricom's awesome box? «link»
12:03-- Vendég_5827: Whats happening in this spot?
12:03-- Vendég_1700: what is going on anyways
12:03-- Vendég_9195: Want some entertainment stories? Check it out «link»
12:03-- Vendég_4919: I observed that.... wow
12:03-- Vendég_5527: Heyaaazzzzzzzz
12:04-- Vendég_8893: I will give Kodi «link» a try
12:04-- Vendég_1050: Yo I'm wanting to fight with u abt it...
12:04-- Vendég_4407: omg...? There is seriously actual peeps up in here talking?
12:04-- Vendég_4956: Hey I aint trying 2 disagree with you abt it!
12:04-- Vendég_5617: the downloads at «link» are pretty great
12:04-- Vendég_9731: I am so damn bored of this nonsense
12:04-- Vendég_5839: Meh the Amazon Firestick totalllly licks sheeeit
12:04-- Vendég_6365: couldnt choose the one to get though so I went with this one «link»
12:04-- Vendég_4469: Hahah «link» you say?
12:04-- Vendég_8911: Non crazy stuff!
12:05-- Vendég_8993: Well I prefers here for new tech «link»
12:05-- Vendég_6777: My mom discovered some info about those TV devices here «link»
12:05-- Vendég_1330: Үoᥙ haνe got superb knowlwdge on this site.



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