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20:33-- Vendég_2678: Rinzo XML Editor is a free XML editor for Windows designed to provide XML-based applications with simplified XML processing capabilities. Features include a WYSIWYG HTML editor, a text editor, and an XML document viewer. Version 3.0 is a major redesign that includes many new features, including the ability to auto-complete XML tag names, new XML validation functions and new support for more tags, namespaces and XSL stylesheets. Read More »

Caballero Pro Evolution Description:
Caballero Pro Evolution is a powerful cutting-edge navigation program for Windows developed by Caballero. It allows you to control and navigate other vehicles on the roads with advanced features like steer-by-wire, intelligent vehicle detection and adaptive cruise control. You may save time, save fuel and reduce traffic jam.
Advanced controls and monitoring tools:
-Steer-by-wire mode. When in this mode the steering wheel doesn’t send any torque signal to the steering mechanism, thus avoiding the transmission of harsh noise into the cabin of the vehicle.
-Adaptive cruise control, or ACC. You can set the maximum distance that you want to travel before activating the safety system. You can choose between hard and soft braking modes.
-Vehicle detection: With this function you may deactivate the vehicle detection system on a road with no traffic. In the event that the vehicle detection is activated and the driver fails to detect the vehicle, the program will deactivate the system automatically.
-Exclusive smart for UBMiS Pro Evolution device: This exclusive feature is designed to recognize this device and import it into the navigation program so you may configure your favorite routes without any problem.
Smart route planning:
-It will automatically detect obstacles and calculate your ideal route, taking into account the road traffic, the speed of the vehicle, the number of lanes and other factors that may affect the course of your route.
-This function will allow you to take multiple routes through the map and select the best one based on the route analysis and warnings that will give you in case there are road works or other traffic interruptions.
-The function will allow you to save and load your preferred routes, making them available offline.
New design:
-Caballero Pro Evolution has been redesigned to have a modern look and easy-to-use interface.

Network Protection Suite (NPS) Description:
The Network Protection Suite is the free solution to give you complete network «link»
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20:35-- Vendég_9624: - Button (macOS)
- Button (Windows)
- Field (macOS)
- Field (Windows)
- Link (macOS)
- Link (Windows)
- Tooltip (macOS)
- Tooltip (Windows)

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I'm always making customizations to the UI, either to make it even simpler to use or with a specific purpose.

For my work, I use macros to put a customizable way to create and save recordings in a quick way.
So you can create a recording, and in just a few clicks, you can copy all of its properties in the clipboard. Also, by adding the Macro, you can add this recording to your own unique playlist. I also use the Macro to remove the single-use recordings from my playlist.

I'm always making customizations to the UI, either to make it even simpler to use or with a specific purpose.

For my work, I use macros to put a customizable way to create and save recordings in a quick way.
So you can create a recording, and in just a few clicks, you can copy all of its properties in the clipboard. Also, by adding the Macro, you can add this recording to your own unique playlist. I also use the Macro to remove the single-use recordings from my playlist.

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That's great, because people can use the VLC Clipboard Management macros to enable other people to make use of a recording or highlight a specific aspect of a recording.
Thanks for sharing!

TMS Audio Video Manager is a video viewer, recorder, and playlist creator. You can use it to browse and play all your videos on your hard drive and even across multiple drives.

TMS Audio Video Manager is a video viewer, recorder, and playlist creator. You can use it to browse and play all your videos on your hard drive and even across multiple drives.

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What a great app!

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Thank you very much!

This is a universal app, so you can use it on both macOS and Windows.
I had put many years of work on the app in order to achieve a perfect result and even to provide the perfect experience to all users.
I'm really happy to hear that you liked it and appreciated it.

This is a universal app, so you can use it on both macOS and «link»
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20:43-- Vendég_8476: KEYMACRO is a command line utility that intercepts all keyboard key presses in real time and lets you activate/deactivate them at will. It works the same as AutoHotKey and also supports a few other languages.
Note: In Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, the KeyMacro command has been moved to the Classic Accessories tab, labeled "Customize Keyboard Keys". On Windows 8.1, the key macro utility has been moved into the "Accessories" section of the "Personalization" settings on the Start Screen.
KeyMacro does the following things:
· Intercept keyboard key presses
· Send key presses to a program of your choice
· Display the keyboard keys pressed
· Execute commands on those keys
· Automatically detect keyboard layout
It also has the following features:
· Ability to check/uncheck and to switch to/from the previous key pressed
· Ability to search for keyboard keys within a program of your choice
· Auto run your favorite shortcut with specific key press (i.e. Alt + S)
· Ability to make keyboard keys send special characters (i.e. Ctrl + Alt + S)
· Ability to make keyboard keys perform some special actions (i.e. Ctrl + Alt + P to print)
· Ability to make keyboard keys launch an application of your choice
· Ability to send a key press to a function key (F1 to F12, F7, etc.)
· Ability to send the key press to a specific application (i.e. Ctrl + Alt + D to terminate the program)
· Ability to send key presses to a specific computer (i.e. Ctrl + Alt + L to lock the computer)
· Ability to force applications to be in "full screen" mode
· Ability to put an icon in the start menu for easy access
· Ability to put your own icon in the start menu for easy access
Note: On some keyboards, you may not see the KeyMacro menu item. In this case, you can just enable/disable it.
How to Activate/Deactivate:
· On Windows 7/8/8.1, right-click on the Classic Accessories sub-menu of the Keyboard tab
· On Windows Vista, go to the "Classic Accessories" sub-menu of the "Personalization" tab in the Control Panel
· On Windows XP, go to the "Classic Accessories" sub-menu of the "Accessories" tab of «link»
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20:46-- Vendég_8754: - Create a shortcut of your desired macro from the template.
- Edit the macro shortcut
- Change shortcut icons to your own ones.
- Change the shortcut type
- Delete the shortcut
- Macro Settings Dialog
- Settings dialog
KeyMacro is a program that allows you to create your own shortcut for macros, from which it is easy to edit the parameters.
To create a shortcut, you can launch the program and choose the Macro template, or you can also choose the one that you have already created. You will be then asked to specify the shortcut name, and then to specify the shortcut icon and type.
For example, you can choose to create a shortcut for launching Calculator, and you will see the form to do it in the macro shortcut editor.
The fields in the form are listed below:
Shortcut Name
Shortcut icon
Shortcut Type
If you choose Calculator, for example, it will appear like in the following screenshot:
After choosing the template, the form will appear like in the following screenshot:
In the template you can also add the text you want to appear when you launch the shortcut.
You can also change the shortcut icon by choosing the one from the default ones.
Then, you can press the Okay button and the shortcut will appear in your system.
For changing the shortcut type, you can also access to the settings dialog by pressing the options button.
You can here set the shortcut length and the type of the shortcut you want to create.
After you have finished, you can confirm your settings by clicking the OK button.
On Windows Vista you are able to set the shortcut icon.
If you have already created a shortcut in your system, you can access to the settings dialog by pressing the Options button.
You can choose the icon you want to use and the shortcut type.
Then, press the OK button.
After that, you can confirm your settings.
For more information on this program, visit our review site.
Registry Manager Pro Description:
Save your Registry settings with Registry Manager Pro and get easy access to your registry settings anytime you need.
Run Registry Settings - Easy access to your Registry settings with just one click, no matter what tool you use. Registry Manager Pro helps you organize and protect your registry settings.
Create and Edit Registry Settings - Create new or edit existing Registry settings easily. Create a new registry setting by clicking a file or a folder on your desktop and then add a key and value. «link»
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KeyMacro App is an App for Windows 10 Mobile, but also works on Windows Phones and tablets.
KeyMacro creates real-time macros that can be activated directly from the notification panel or from anywhere else, such as the Start Menu or while viewing a page in a web browser.
KeyMacro can run macros and commands at the same time.
KeyMacro is free, fully functional and open source.
KeyMacro is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

published:07 Oct 2018


Digital transformation is creating a world where software and hardware components are becoming more like integrated systems. Such a change is creating a vast array of new opportunities in the way we work and live.
Midsize organizations are the driver of digital transformation. They are integrating software applications with hardware in the world of IoT.
This webinar will explain how to enable an easier deployment of IoT with Ubuntu for Midsize business.

published:31 Dec 2017


Now in its fourth version, Ubuntu MATE provides a modern yet conservative desktop-style interface for those seeking a straightforward Linux system. Learn more at

Free/libre at your side

Packages published as Debian or Ubuntu and providing DebianRepository binary packages are known as Debian/Ubuntu packages. These Debian/Ubuntu packages are available for free as long as they also provide free or libre software that gets developed in non-copyleft licenses. In other words, the source code for the software must be made available and can not be subject to copyleft or exclusive legal terms.

Libre Software

Libre software is software that respects users’ freedom, giving them the freedom to copy, change and share the software. Libre software is also known as free software.

Free software has four primary freedoms:

The freedom to run the program for any purpose.
The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish.
The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.
The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions, giving the community a chance to benefit from your changes.

Some proponents of free software even assert that software should be free to «link»
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20:58-- Vendég_9390: Keys can be mapped to switches or other smart devices to automate their behavior or provide access to the device's functionality.
Keys are usually one-time use devices. They act as master switches that control access to networked devices and allow an individual to secure a network.
Keys are found on distribution panels, access points, network-attached storage devices, and other network devices.
The Keymacro device allows remote control of your switch via the SNMP. The Keymacro device works with virtually all switches in the market and allows you to remotely control your switch.
In the web browser, the device appears as a switch.
To map the Keymacro device to the switch, enter the web address to the switch and an access key.
If the switch is configured for key monitoring, click the Save and add link to add a new key mapping.
In the table, you can add up to four keys with the values each mapped to a specific button on the switch.
If you change the status of the switch, the Web Administrator can manage the device remotely from the Web GUI.
To manage the device, log in to the Web GUI by entering the SNMP username and password of the switch into the Web GUI.
The Web GUI includes the management options to view the current device status, log messages, and configure the switch.
Web UI Device Description
Button on the switch
Light On
Light Off
Power On
Power Off
Power On
Power Off
Keymacro supported switches:
Order Details
Order Details
To view the status of the keymacro device for the switch, click Order Details in the Web GUI, and then click the name of the switch in the upper-left corner of the page.
In the Order Details page, the device name and button mapping appear in the Order Details table.
The number of buttons is based on the button spacing of the switch.
If the switch is configured to record the key presses, the button mapping will show a Yes record of the button.
If the button is disabled, the button will appear as a No record.
To view the button mapping for the device, click Save and Add in the Web GUI.
In the Add «link»
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21:06-- Vendég_2366: The KeyMacro software is a powerful and easy-to-use macro editor for Microsoft Word.
KeyMacro allows you to add macros to Microsoft Word with no programming knowledge.
Simply select the Add/Edit Macro menu and you are on your way. Macros can be used to automate document creation and formatting.
KeyMacro is designed to work with Microsoft Word 2002 and later versions. Older versions of Word do not have a Macro Editor.
KeyMacro Features:
• Ability to enter macros that perform functions like adding or removing dates, or formatting the text
• Ability to create macros for your personal use or share them on the internet
• Microsoft Word 2002 and later is required. Newer versions of Microsoft Word do not have a Macro Editor.
• Ability to view and edit macros at a later time.
• Ability to use custom defined fonts, size, colors, and styles.
• Ability to define and save custom macros to file, a folder, or a list of macros.
• Ability to print, email, or save a template of the current document

Wednesday, October 11, 2008

Below is the title of the next seminar held on Tuesday, October 24, 2008 at 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Cornerstone Church. I received the below info from Diane Nelson, Coordinator for the class. If you have questions please e-mail me at TrishMark@msn.com.

"Cornerstone College requires that prospective students obtain a free release of credit history to view their credit reports. This free history report is only a sample of your credit history and your actual credit report will be sent to you by mail within 30 days. If you are an online student you will be given access to your credit report immediately.

Please click on the link below to be directed to our registration site. In order to protect your privacy, please be sure to provide your name, address, and telephone number. The address is the address to which your credit report will be mailed. The telephone number is your cell phone number.

Feel free to visit the website at any time during the course. We have made the course available at different times to allow students to do so. If you have any questions please contact Diane Nelson at [email protected]

The State has more than 15500 libraries within its boundaries. To access information online or to check a copy of the items in the library please visit the Virginia State Library and its link «link»
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21:09-- Vendég_3255: Import a lot of files, split, split into categories, support cloud storage services, support basic FTP.
Key Features:
Fast: The overall performance of the application is unmatched in the industry. The program is capable of importing files at a speed up to 10 times faster than any other.
Cross-Platform: The Cloud Filer is a cross-platform utility, allowing you to work with files on Mac, Windows or Linux.
Cross-Platform Access: The cloud filer works with all the major cloud storage services, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon AWS and others.
Simplicity: Just drag & drop files to the application, make and manage backups and synchronize. Simple and easy to use.
Support FTP: Import and export files via FTP. Support Basic FTP.
Support Upload, Download, List Files
Support Copy, Move, Rename, Move, Delete, Cancel, Restart, Continue, Cancel, Create Directory, Change Permissions, Full Screen, Minimize, Close, Move to new position.
Support Auto-Synchronize.
Support Create Filter.
Support Change Directory, Change Order, Select all, Select some, Clear.
Support Hide or Show Folders.
Support Control Panel: Show or Hide Group, Sort, Move.
Support Additional options, Support Move: Up/Down, Left/Right.
Support Manage the language.
Support Full-Screen
Support Show or Hide the Logging Window.
Support Show or Hide the Authentication Window.
Support show window when drag-and-drop files to the cloud.
Support With More Filters.
Support Repeat, Select in one folder, Select in all folders.
Support Multi-thread to reduce the response time of uploading files.
Support Each filter has a picture ID to avoid the problem of repetition when filtering and listing files.
Support WebDAV.
Support Open an existing link.
Support Download to Cloud.
Support Moving the current directory to the left or right.
Support Import Files/Directories via webDAV.
Support Import from webDAV.
Support Quicklook.
Support Add to Windows Start.
Support Download file.
Support Mobile device.
Support Music player.
Support Launching a file by double click.
Support Run in background.
Support Drag and drop files to the cloud.
Support Manage the order of the cloud storage items.
Support Support right click menu.
Support Limit the total size of files and directories «link»
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